Made & Served On-Premises

At Chester River Brewing Company, the distance between where your beer is made and where it's in your glass is measured in feet, not miles.

We don't package our beer for sale in restaurants or bars. The only place you can purchase our beer is here. We bring our kegs directly from the Brewery cooler to the Tasting Room, ensuring maximum freshness and a beer that's been kept at proper temperatures since day one. How cool is that? (no pun intended.)

An Ever-Changing Lineup

Our nano-brewery scale means we brew often. Each batch is an opportunity for us to try something new or different: tweak an existing recipe, or start from scratch. The advantage is an ever-changing variety of styles on-tap at any given time. Has it been a while since you've visited? Chances are we have new things for you to enjoy.

We also offer locally made craft sodas and bottled water for sale as non-alcoholic options for our customers.

Take Us With You!

We fill our exclusive 32oz. nano-growlers (sorry, we don't fill other growlers at this time) so you can take us home to share with friends and family. Think of it as our "Mug Club To-Go." We also have an assortment of merchandise (hats, glassware, etc.) bearing the distinctive CRBC logo.

We accept these payment methods:

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